Friday, October 25, 2013

Cute Cottonball Sheep Craft for Kids

Do you ever get inspired to make those animals, that you see or read in the books?  We do! Here is what we made recently, after we read a book about the sheep.

 You will need:

 Masking tape 
Some old cardboard or construction paper
 Cotton balls
 School glue 

For more instructions please click here--->


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Easy Felt Mouse Craft for Kids

 When I saw this adorable mouse on Pinterest, I wanted to make them right of way with my daughter.  Aren't they so cute!!!

My daughter loved making them with me.  We also made a simple bed box for them and their friends baby owls.

Thank you for such a cute idea!!!

Now go ahead and make these mouses with your baby!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Finger Print - " I love you" Card for Daddy

I used this adorable card idea from  Pinterest.  Isn't it so adorable!!!  Anika and I made this card for our Daddy, who has been sick for the past two weeks =( It was such a joy seeing my daughters face expression after we finished making this card and when she was giving it to her Daddy!!!!

Thank you for such a simple, yet adorable idea =)

Fall Craft for kids - Colorful Leaf Wreath

Fall leaves!!! Aren't they so beautiful and so colorful =)

Just recently I was inspired by Pinterest to make this colorful Leaf Wreath with my daughter.  We had so much fun looking for those perfect leaves under the rain, drying, and cluing them on a plate!!!

 Click here to find easy to follow instructions ------> =)

Now go ahead and make one with your child!!!